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Meeting Facilities

Private Corporate Meeting Rooms

Private meeting rooms within the convention center and the Gulf Hotel premises are made available for interested companies on first come first serve basis. The meeting rooms will be furnished, equipped and serviced as per the company's request. We can provide branding contractors should you require branding assistance.

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Private Meeting Spaces

Open meeting spaces with be available fit with comfortable couches, will be available on first come first serve basis. For floor plan, cost and reservation, please click the following link.

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Common Meeting Hall

A common open space meeting area is available for individual meetings furnished with numbered tables. Through an automated meeting appointment system, individual meetings can be arranged scheduled and tables will be assigned.

Exhibition Hall

a 1,934 sq m hall fitted with branded exhibition booths is available for interested companies on a first come first serve basis. All premium sponsors will be given first rights of refusal.
The main coffee-break area will be set strategically in the center of the exhibition hall to give exhibitors more exposure.

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